Build enhanced public health messaging  content on a mobile platform 

Working with a global NGO that operates in East Africa and South Asia to redesign the content related to public health in several rural and urban communities.

Since mobile is the most accessible tool in these areas we had to build an entire messaging framework to communicate and engage with users. 

Our Design & Development Process

Strategy & Roadmap.

We tuned the public health messaging by translating medical jargon into plain English, and several local languages always matched to end users’ levels.

We worked with health communication experts on how to craft messages for different literacy levels and varying degrees of understanding about health, medicine, and prevention. .

Launch & Monitor

We aimed to retain the interest of each audience segment and motivate them towards awareness of several connected health topics — plus tools within the mobile messaging platform to determine if the messages are getting through and accomplishing their goals.

Reporting tools to evaluate budgeting efficiencies.  


Mobile video content created

Average minutes of engagement

Video and document downloads to users devices

“By using templated video we were able to quickly adapt for local language or dialict and create multiple version of message. “


“Using distributed CDN solutions and mobile optimized video we were able to work within the limitations of the low-bandwidth available within rural networks “


“Using local stakeholders and community leaders who worked as messengers in the created video helped increase end user engagement with the message”


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