Segal Medical Group has three locations and required a simple tool that could be used to train staff on new protocols aligned to several core changes resulting from a rapid expansion due to a merger with another medical group.

We had to deliver a solution in under six weeks with a very low learning curve to not overburden staff who were working in an intense work environment. 

STEP 1 : Information Architecture

Edtrove by workigng with staff for 1 week was able to build a matrix of the information type and scaffolded the core messaging requirements for each information type.

Discovery and sorting phase: Week 1

STEP 2 : Design & authoring tools

By converting legacy documents and video into digital content we uploaded all the content onto a mobile server. To simplify the tools that would be used we integrated a video messaging tool that can record live off mobile devices.

Video and infographics build: Weel 2


We added the video and authoring tool, built some simple templates that can help frame the message type and ran a few testing scenarios. A website was built to help get the message to the staff.

Authoring tool and in-house testing: week 3


.After a short training session that was built into the website (for future staff) the tool was deployed. The hospital group now uses the solution to communicate via video to all the staff at multiple locations. New content is added on the fly as short videos.  Minimal support to maintain the platform and a monthly consolidation of content is the only support required from Edtrove.

Delivered and using: week 4

Matt F.

 Senior LPN

It takes me just 15 min to add or create a min-video that covers all the steps we need to deal with patient documentation.  Everyone can see and learn from real life situations reducing mistakes…

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