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While every product is unique we often find that most products or courses we work on have a consistent composition.



Green Solutions

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Customize Solutions

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We develop courses while anticipating the need for flexibility and applying a level of pragmatism to the delivery of the finished product. So we divide our focuses on the clean delivery of individual pieces or parts of the course and not only on the final application.

UX & Learning Design

The three drivers of our instructional design is effectiveness, efficiency, and cost. Our content creators focus on  effective instruction to achieve stated goals or expected outcomes. Manage the energy and time invested to complete the project efficiently while cost controls monitor all expenses incurred for its design and delivery.

Content before Coding

Content is king, but while we recognize the importance of concepts and knowledge for the subject covered, we also think the ability to apply that education is critical to a useful finished product. So we emphasize these demonstrable outcomes when designing our products, so the content becomes a vehicle by which we want our users to engage in their learning journeys deeply by the time they complete our courses.

Cloud-based Deployment

All clients have a finite amount of resources focussed on systems and data-storage issues. We deliver comprehensive out of the box solutions that handle all IT hosting and infrastructure, so our clients have more time dedicated to their core goals. We build for growth and scale providing improved freedom and flexibility for significant user growth and overall efficiency of the client organization.

Goals & Gamification

Every time a learner overcomes a challenge, or they accomplish a goal, the brain releases dopamine. Thus gamification or goal-setting are critical components in our building design. Stimulating the participant at precisely the right moment in the course by placing doable challenges in many forms; quizzes, informal assessments that unlock sections in a course etc. They minimize the monotony of a very traditional style of learning, leaving learners feeling challenged and motivated along the learning journey. An adrenaline spike makes a better, faster learner.


The central focus of all our products is the user. We aim to tailor the content to their cultural context, device limitations, plain language, etc. with the scope for multiple iterations driven by user feedback.

We Continue To

Learn by Doing

Our team of designers and project leaders has guided many new and experienced educators

Helping novice entrants or experienced instructors into the online learning space requires a specific set of skills that need to be adapted per the project or the region.

Our project leaders, editors, and learning designers work with our course writers throughout the entire creation process. Our team members serve as close allies in the initial planning stages, who then move into the role of useful digital editors as the content takes shape while defining technical specifications as we build the final content to a platform. 

Helping You

Achieve your Learning goals

End-user defined and built within the framework of the institution, country or subject.

Whenever possible, we seek to conjure unique learning opportunities within the content from an extensive range of subjects. However, we always start with the assumption that the final product always depends on the passion and dedication of our content creators.

My entire staff was involved in creating a custom course with the Edtrove team from the first day! “

Dr. Mark H , Lead Trainer

We built a course that on completion would ensure all the employees at this hospital would adhere to new admission procedures. The course was mobile-ready, available 24/7 with a digital certificate of completion for administrator monitoring.


Who do I contact if I want to work with Edtrove?

We work with schools, universities and corporations on building learning solutions. The easiest way to start this process is a conversation so we can better understand you aims and goals. So just reach out.

Do you only work online?

No. We do no think learning solutions are limited to online only. We have worked on print, conferences, webinars and one-on-one training sessions.  

Can you create custom solutions for my school, company or team?

Yes, we can. Once we frame your content and define your learning goals we can build a framework of tools that will define the needs, costs and forecasted results for a custom project.

Can you build custom tests and assessments?

We are strong believers in the power of goal oriented training solutions so we build and integrate custom assessments into our courses. These are doing in the form of gamification, scenario based training, point system etc. 

How can we measure the effectiveness of your solutions?

The clear definition of end-results is often the key to effective analysis of the potency of any learning tool used at an individual or institutional level. We can empower designated administrators within your organization to track the progress of your learners.

Can you help us build the assets we need for courses ?

We understand most organizations have limited resources for creating or converting content to digital-ready format (Video, Infographics, downloadables, quizzes, etc..). Our team can help transform a significant portion of your content so it is ready for use in your course while requiring minimal effort from your in-house team.


Fill out a simple form that helps sketch the idea and scope of your idea and business case. We will gladly connect with you to share ideas and start the conversation towards building your own custom solution.